How to use Schedule in Python

1 min

The schedule library is a pure Python library that provides a simple way to schedule tasks to be executed periodically. To use schedule in Python, you need to install the library first by running pip install schedule in the terminal.

Here's a basic example of how to use schedule:

import schedule
import time

def job():
    print("Job is running...")


while True:

In the code above, the job function is defined and scheduled to run every 10 seconds using the schedule.every(10) line. The schedule.run_pending() line is used to run the jobs that are due.

The time.sleep(1) line is used to give the CPU a break so that it doesn't run the while loop at full speed.

Note that schedule is a relatively simple library, and it doesn't persist the jobs across program restarts.

If you need more advanced scheduling features, you might want to consider using a more comprehensive library such as APScheduler ,Celery or Airflow.