How to send a Telegram message in Python

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You can send a message on Telegram using the python-telegram-bot library. Here's an example:

import telegram

bot = telegram.Bot(token='your_bot_token')
chat_id = bot.get_updates()[-1].message.chat_id

bot.send_message(chat_id=chat_id, text="Hello from Python!")

In the code above, you first need to install the python-telegram-bot library by running pip install python-telegram-bot.

Then, you need to create a bot on Telegram using the BotFather and obtain its token.

Finally, you use the Bot object to get the chat_id of the last message received, and send a message with the text "Hello from Python!" to that chat.

The exact details of how to send a message on Telegram will vary depending on the bot you choose. Be sure to check the documentation for the python-telegram-bot library for more information.