How to save a Pandas DataFrame in Latex format

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This is a life savior function mostly used by academics when you need to include your DataFrame into a Latex document.

Here is how to save a DataFrame in Latex format.

# Import the Pandas library
import pandas as pd

# We create our example dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame({"col1" : range(0,10)})

# We save the dataframe in latex without any index and with a caption
df.to_latex("my_df.tex", index=False, caption="My amazing Latex DataFrame")
How to save a DataFrame in Latex format

A few options are utilized here,  the index and the caption, the index tells the engine not to save the index in the table which is useful when you don't want your integer index to be saved. Then the caption will create a caption for your latex table.

There are many more options you can use, you can find them here.

Here you are! You now know how to save a DataFrame in Latex format!

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