How to install Jupyter lab

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Jupyter lab is one of the most widely used Python IDE for Data Science.


Jupyter lab allows you to execute code snippets stored in cells instead of running the entirety of a Python script.

The kind of document Jupyter lab produces are called Jupyter notebooks (.ipynb).

This is extremely useful when performing exploratory analyses.

You don't need to re-run your script every time you make a change, you can just run the cell containing the change.

Another great feature of notebooks is the ability to add markdown text in cells so that you can enrich your Python script with images, titles, lists, links, etc...

How to install Jupyter lab

Jupyter lab is a browser based editor, it means that you can make it work with any browser of your choice.

To install Juypter lab you will need to use Python's package manager and run this command in your terminal.

pip install jupyterlab

Once the loading is done, you should have jupyter lab installed.

How to run Jupyter lab

In order to start Jupyter lab, you will need to run the following command in your terminal.

jupyter lab .


jupyter-lab .

You will then end with an url and a token, like so.


If you open this url you will end up on a up and running Jupyter lab instance!

Well done! You now know how to install Jupyter lab.