How to get free historical stock price data using Python

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There are many ways to get financial data with Python but only few good free resources.

One of the best is the yfinance library created by ranaroussi.

How to install the library

Just write this line into your terminal and it will install the library locally on your computer.

pip3 install yfinance
How to install finance with python 3.x

How to get historical price data

# We import our library
import yfinance as yf

# We choose a stock symbol
symbol = "AAPL"

# We create a ticker object to get data from
ticker = yf.Ticker(symbol)

# We fetch all the data available for this stock
df_prices = ticker.history(period="max")

Here you are! You can now work with the df_prices dataframe that contains all AAPL stock price data.

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