How to create a list in Python

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Lists are fundamentals to Python, they will let you create collections of variables.

They are widely used to create a data structure containing variables that are related to each other.

For example, a list of students:

List of strings

students_list = ["Brice", "James", "Caroline", "Sofia"]
A list example made up of student names

List of numbers

sales_per_month = [14123, 24123, 52314, 62419]
A list example made up of amount of sales per month

List of booleans

has_passed = [True, False, False, True]
A list example made up of whether the student has passed

List of lists

You can if you so desire even make up a list of lists and so on. The limits are endless.

tic_tac_toe_game = [["X","O","X"], ["X","O","X"], ["O","X","O"]]
An unsuccessful game of tic tac toe.

Here you are! you know now how to create lists !