How to change the different colors used by a Matplotlib plot

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Another way to change the colors is to change the colormap of the chart you are plotting.

This will give you a list of colors in RGBA format.

viridis = cm.get_cmap('viridis', 8)
Here we get a list of RGBA colors according to the reference colormap

How to use the color map

Here is an example on how to use the color map with a scatter plot.

fig, axes = plt.subplots(1,1, figsize=(6,4))
axes.scatter(range(8), range(8), c=range(8), cmap=viridis)
How to plot a scatter plot with the colormap.

By specifying the colormap (cmap) you give Matplotlib the reference colors.

Further, by specifying the color (c) parameters, you tell Matplotlib which color index he should use for the points we have.

The result

How to use a colormap

Here you are! You now know how to use a colormap!

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