How to access a DataFrame column with Pandas

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When you will use Pandas DataFrame you certainly will need to access its columns.

Here two ways to access it :

  • Using squared brackets
  • Using dot

Generating the example DataFrame

# We create our dataframe example
df = pd.DataFrame({"col1":range(0,10)})

# We print it

Using squared brackets

How to access a column in a DataFrame
df["col2"] = df["col1"] + 1
How to create a new column

Using dot

How to access a column in a DataFrame using the dot

Be careful with this method since it is not possible to have column names with spaces or weird characters and creating a new column is not possible like this.

df.col3 = df.col1 + 1 # This won't work
print(df.My Amzing Column) # This won't work
How not to access or create column in a DataFrame

Here you are ! You are now an expert at accessing DataFrame columns !

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