How to save a Pandas DataFrame in HDF5 format

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Sometimes, you will need to save a DataFrame in HDF5 format, either to share it or store it.

Here is how to save a DataFrame in HDF5 format.

# Import the Pandas library
import pandas as pd

# We create our example dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame({"col1" : range(0,10)})

# We save the dataframe as hdf5
df.to_hdf('my_df.h5', key='df', mode='w')
How to save a DataFrame in HDF5 format

A few options are utilized here,  the key and the mode, the key represents an identifier you are passing to the file when it is stored. (e.g. here "df" )

The mode is here to specify what Python should do with the file. A bit like the open() method when you deal with a text file. (e.g. here "w" because we are writing the file)

Here you are! You now know how to save a DataFrame in HDF5 format!

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